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    There is nothing more important than music when you host any event. The Bluetooth speaker is an excellent choice due to how easy it is to get the party started.

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    Freedom Guitar Accessories

    Some guitarists only require a few accessories to play their instrument at home. Others wish to perform in front of audiences and need more accessories. In either case, the quality of the items you purchase matters.

    The following accessories are going to be ideal for your needs. This list should give you a good idea of where to start looking for the best products.

    Guitar Strings

    Freedom light gauge electric guitar strings are ideal for expressive guitarists

    These 009-042 handmade light gauge electric guitar strings are perfect for the modern guitarist looking for a versatile sound. Light gauges offer optimal control for those who like their playing to be as effortless as possible.

    These strings are ideal for guitar players with very expressive styles that utilize full bends and wide vibratos. Notable light gauge players include Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani.

    Try the Freedom Medium Gauge electric guitar strings for more sustain and a fuller tone

    Some players prefer to have a fuller sound even if it means working harder to achieve optimal expression. Bending and vibrating medium gauge strings is not easy, but the tone you get from these 010-046 strings is amazing.

    Some notable and very expressive guitarists that use medium or heavy gauge strings include Steve Ray Vaughan, Marty Friedman, and Zakk Wylde.

    The following are a few string durability tips:

    • Wipe the strings daily with a dry cloth to delay the process of corrosion
    • Make sure you wind your strings properly and avoid overstretching
    • Always wash your hands before playing

    Freedom guitar straps

    Guitar straps are all about comfort and safety for you and your instrument. These are quality straps with an average length of 95cm-160cm and made with quality polyester. They are perfect for the performer that moves around the stage and ideal for guitar players who like to rest their hands on the guitar during breaks.

    How to set your guitar strap at an ideal height

    Guitar players use many different heights for their straps. For example, if you play music with basic power chords and riffs, you are likely to get away with playing a guitar that hangs below your belly button.

    In contrast, if you play complex lead guitar and chords, you may want to adjust the guitar closer to your chest. Ultimately, it is about personal taste, so always choose what you find most comfortable.

    Guitar Cables

    These are essential purchases for live performers or for practice sessions at home. We have guitar cables of various lengths such as the 3-metre studio range and the 1/4" 6.35MM, 15cm pack that you can use to link guitar pedals if you like adding effects to your sound.

    Make those guitar cables last longer with these quick tips:

    • Always buy cable lengths that you need
    • Coil them up after use in a circular shape, not an 8-shape
    • Clean the connectors with a dry cloth to delay corrosion

    Final thoughts on guitar accessories

    There is no doubt that guitar accessories are necessary for professional and amateur musicians. Having the right kind of equipment and accessories for your instrument is important.