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Bluetooth Karaoke Speakers - Our Top Picks

Karaoke is currently experiencing a huge boost in popularity thanks to the recent Covid-19 lockdowns. Families and friends stuck at home wanting a more interactive experience are switching off subscription TV and switching on their wireless microphones.

Precision Audio is a top seller in Karaoke Speakers with a range that will suit all users. From beginners and singles to the most experienced Karaoke enthusiasts holding large Karaoke parties, Precision Audio has the knowledge and experience to ensure you choose the best system for your situation.

How to choose a Karaoke Speaker?

Choosing the right speaker for you will depend on your room size, the number of users and how you intend on using it.

All Precision Audio Karaoke Speakers include either one or two wireless microphones, Bluetooth compatibility, LED lights, FM Radio, USB input and an AUX input.

Majority of the range also include a built-in rechargeable battery, making them the most versatile speakers available.

UHF or VHF or Wired?

There are two types of wireless Karaoke microphones, either Ultra-high frequency (UHF) or Very-high frequency (VHF). When choosing a Karaoke system, it’s important to select the best option for your situation.

VHF microphones use a smaller frequency range and are therefore more prone to interference, however for hobbyists operating in a small space such as a lounge room or garage, VHF microphones are a great choice and the best way to enter the world of Karaoke.

UHF microphones operate on a larger frequency range and are therefore less prone to interference. These microphones are suited more to the home enthusiast or professional with a larger room to fill, such as an outdoor party, wedding, gym or church.

Wired microphones are perfect for all levels and are a great addition to the wireless systems, allowing an extra singer at a lower cost than wireless.

In summary, VHF microphones are used by a large proportion of Karaoke users and in most cases interference is never an issue. UHF microphones are regularly a professional’s choice however a higher quality microphone means a higher price tag. Our wired systems are perfect for the beginner and are our most budget friendly.

Size and Power

Many in the Precision Audio range of Karaoke speakers are portable with a built-in battery. These are by far the most popular and most versatile, catering to 90% of all users. For halls and commercial use, it may be necessary for higher wattage speakers which can fill any room with high quality sound. In these situations, portable is not an option and the use of 240V power is needed. In which case our 15” and above speakers are a great choice. They have all the main features of our portables with a standard AU plug which can be used in any power outlet.

These are our top five Karaoke speakers for both beginners and professionals.

Precision Audio Dual 8” Karaoke Speaker ED-839 RRP $429

The ED-839 is our best selling "all rounder" and is ideal for anyone looking to have sing along with friends or family. It includes all the features you’d expect including Bluetooth, a built-in rechargeable battery and two wireless microphones. It also has a brilliant LED light display with bright RGB lights to get the party started. For those who don't sing alone, this is the top pick!

Precision Audio Dual 6.5” Karaoke Speaker LG600 RRP $199

The LG600 is the perfect entry into the world of Karaoke. Both powerful and compact, it's ideal as a home audio system by day and a Karaoke speaker by night. Weighing only 5.1kg, it's light enough to take anywhere, garage, backyard, living room or easily load it into your car to take to the park.

Precision Audio Dual 10” Karaoke Speaker LG1000 RRP $599

If you're looking for that next step up or have a large room to fill, the LG1000 is the professional's choice in Karaoke speakers. Entertain your guests in style with the dazzling cascading light show and the twin UHF microphones with up to 40m range. Coverage is a breeze with the powerful 600W sound making it ideal for backyard parties and social gatherings.

Precision Audio Dual 6.5” Karaoke Speaker LG611 RRP $289

The LG611 takes portability to the next level with its powerful 2 x 6.5” woofers and 2” tweeter all in one compact unit. The included shoulder strap and built-in microphone holder makes it ideal for buskers and MC’s or as a home Karaoke unit by night and a portable Bluetooth speaker by day. The LG611 the most versatile speaker in the range.

Precision Audio Dual 10” Karaoke Speaker LG101P RRP $799

If Karaoke nights are what you live for then the LG101P is the speaker for you. With two huge 10” woofers, a 1” tweeter and twin UHF microphones the LG101P is the ultimate party speaker. Used by professionals and enthusiasts alike, it’s unique Fire Light technology with pulsating and flashing lights, provides optimum ambiance in any room.
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