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    Stage Equipment

    We import and supply professional grade staging equipment from wireless microphone systems, guitar & microphone cables, wired microphones, LED & laser party lights. Enquire within for wholesale.
    Meeting Microphone Meeting Microphone
    Interview Microphone Interview MicrophoneOn Sale
    $69.00 $99.00
    Speakon to 1/4" Lead 5m Speakon to 1/4" Lead 5m
    SPEAKON635 5m
    Speakon to 1/4" Lead 5m
    Double Sided LED Stage Light Double Sided LED Stage LightOn Sale
    $249.00 $399.00
    Tri-Head LED Stage Light Tri-Head LED Stage Light
    LED Strobe Light LED Strobe Light
    LED Strobe Light
    Karaoke Amplifier Karaoke AmplifierOn Sale
    Karaoke Amplifier
    $229.00 $299.00
    Wireless UHF Headset Wireless UHF Headset
    Meeting Microphone Meeting Microphone
    Ceiling Speaker Stand
    Speaker Stands Pair Speaker Stands Pair
    Speakon to Loose Wire 5m Speakon to Loose Wire 5m
    Dual Lapel Microphone Dual Lapel Microphone
    Lapel Microphone Lapel MicrophoneOn Sale
    $9.99 $14.95
    Flexible Desk Mic Stand Flexible Desk Mic Stand
    Twin Wired Microphones Twin Wired Microphones
    MT-1003 WG988 TWIN
    Twin Wired Microphones
    Wired Microphone Wired Microphone
    Microphone Lead 5m Microphone Lead 5m
    Braided Microphone Lead 5m Braided Microphone Lead 5m
    Braided Microphone Lead 5m
    Patch Cables Patch Cables
    Patch Cables
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